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Skaddenfreude: Two Non-Announcements, and End of Day Open Thread

100 dollar bill Above the Law Above the Law law firm salary legal blog legal tabloid Above the Law.JPGWe’ve reached the end of another exciting day in the salary wars.
Okay, exciting may be an overstatement. But it’s obvious that reader interest in this subject remains high.
After the jump, we reprint a pair of non-announcements — or perhaps they could be called “placeholder announcements” — from DLA Piper and Morgan Lewis & Bockius. We also provide space for you to chime in on the latest compensation news, argue over pay differentials in different cities, and bitch about your hours.
To quote Hillary Clinton: “Let the conversation begin!!!”

Many top law firms plunged right into the salary wars. They quickly decided how much to raise associate base salaries, and then they acted on and announced those decisions.
But some firms are taking a more deliberate and cautious approach. Check out the two memos appearing below.
DLA Piper Above the Law base salary associate pay raise.jpg
Note: The screengrab appearing below is not the version of the memo that we originally posted. The earlier version was less appealing aesthetically.
Morgan Lewis Bockius 2 MLB Above the Law associate pay raise base salary memo.jpg
Note the reference to “blog traffic.” We will self-servingly construe this as a shout-out to ATL. Thanks, Tom!
Update: Here’s a third “non-announcement,” from McDermott Will & Emery:

By now I am sure that you have heard about developments in the Associate compensation market across the United States. The Firm is in the process of evaluating and determining changes to be made in our compensation structure. We intend to continue to pay fair and competitive compensation to our Associates. We anticipate making an announcement regarding the changes after the Management Committee meeting on February 14.

Earlier: Previous announcements of law firm associate salary increases (scroll down through “Skaddenfreude” archives)

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