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Skaddenfreude: WilmerHale, and Midday Open Thread

We’ve confirmed the fact that Wilmer Hale has raised associate base salaries, in Washington and New York. We don’t have a memo, though, because associates received personal latters.
More about what we’ve learned, plus an open thread for your comments, after the jump.

We will update this as new material comes in (or just add material in the comments). We’ve verified the following data points for WilmerHale’s Washington office:
Class of 2006: $145,000
Class of 2002: $210,000
Both of these figures, of course, are consistent with the standard 145/155/170/190/210 scale.
As for WilmerHale in New York, a commenter claims that they’ve moved to the standard $160K scale. Surprise surprise.
If you can confirm this, please email us. Thanks.
Update: This is surely correct. We have a verified report of $230,000 for the class of 2002 in New York.
Further update: Confirmed. Also, we understand that the WilmerHale office in Boston — which is sizable, since the “Hale” in WilmerHale is the former firm of Hale & Dorr — is on the D.C. scale.
Earlier: Previous announcements of law firm associate salary increases (scroll down through “Skaddenfreude” archives)

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