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Alexandra D. Korry: A Comments Compendium

Alexandra Korry Alexandra D Korry Alex Korry Sullivan Cromwell Above the Law Above the Law Aaron Charney ATL.jpgWe are huge fans of the delicious Alexandra Korry, the high-powered Sullivan & Cromwell partner who figures prominently in Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell, the lawsuit brought by gay lawyer Aaron Charney against his former employer.
In the course of our writing about this case, numerous comments have been made about Korry, a mergers-and-acquisitions lawyer renowned for her brilliance and her toughness. Here’s what the S&C website has to say about this magnficent M&A diva:

Alexandra Korry joined Sullivan & Cromwell in 1986 having done stints in journalism and commercial banking. She was elected a partner in 1993.

Interesting! We’re guessing Korry gets her (alleged) pirate’s mouth from her time in journalism, and her business acumen and shrewdness from her time in banking. Back to the S&C site:

Ms. Korry has extensive experience in representing U.S. and non-U.S. clients in a wide variety of mergers and acquisitions transactions, focusing on strategic investments, negotiated acquisitions and dispositions and joint ventures. Among her representations are Microsoft, UBS, Adelphia Communications Corporation, Eastman Kodak, Koninklijke Philips Electronics and Siderca.

Ms. Korry is active in a variety of community organizations, including the Harlem Educational Activities Fund, and is a retired member of the Board of Visitors of Duke Law School.

In light of her involvement with all of these charities and non-profit groups, we’re guessing the answer is yes to this commenter’s question about the Dalton School. Perhaps her kids are or were students there?
Okay, we’ve heard the official law firm take on Alexandra Korry. Now, let’s hear from ATL commenters.
Check out their collected remarks, after the jump.

Here are previous ATL reader comments about Alexandra Korry (Alexandra — NEVER “Alex Korry”). Please note that we have conducted no independent investigation of these statements. We have merely collected and reprinted them (with very minor editing for length or clarity):
“Aaron is a nut. End of story. Period. However, one of the partners he names (korry) is an absolute terror to work with. Every associate knows to stay the hell away from her. (Looking at Aaron’s brief, I do believe the parts about how his buddy tried to avoid being staffed on her deal).) I hope Rodge or Joe reads this and acutally tells her about her well deserved reputaion. And Ms Korry, I hate being your beck and call boy. If you cant haul your ass into the office, and like working so much from home, get somebody else to manage the cars bringing you the papers you need. I hope one of the clients reads this and wonders why the hell you run up so many car trips?”
“Ex-S&C associate here…. Korry is a bitch from hell.”
“The only thing I want to come out of this is that the whole legal community in NYC should know that Korry is a slave driver. She is an abusive partner and practically ever associate in the firm tries their best to stay far far away from here. I HOPE THAT SOME PARTNERS ON THE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE ARE READING THIS!!!”
“Korry seems like a tough nut to crack. I think her father may have been the anti-Marxist ambassador to Chile in the late 60s or early 70s (so probably a conservative father, though not close with Nixon). Her own political supports trends to the Clinton/Dean wing of the party. So not clear where this alleged homophobia would come from. Has anyone actually tried to befriend her at work? Some must win her approval (WLRK husband, for example). She’s taken a tough beating. I’d like to hear the other side of her story.”
[Ed. note: Alexandra Korry is married to Robin Panovka, a real estate partner at Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz. We knew Panovka in passing, and we found him to be very pleasant and mild-mannered. We can hazard a guess as to who wears the pants(uit) in that family.]
“I used to work at S&C. When I was there, I complained about extremely abusive treatment and then saw nothing done about it. Alexandra Korry was just one of the partners I complained about.,,,”
“Alexandra Korry and various other partners and associates at the firm have been CONSISTENTLY complainted about and no one has done anything about them. The fact that posts on this website from current and former S&C associates consistently assert that there are KNOWN problem individuals at S&C, like Alexandra Korry, should be alarming to people.”
“I don’t want to comment on the specifics of Aaron’s case but right now S&C associates are loving the fact that the world (and hopefully the management committee) is getting to know that to work for the devil himslef is better than working for Korry. There is not one other partner here who is so hated and reviled like Korry is.”
“Mr. Charney’s complaint states that Ms. Korry said she “believed” Charney and Grinberg “were engaged in an unnatural relationship”. Another blogger suggested that she was referring to the fact that Charney was always in Grinberg’s office. Since these two seemed to have been assigned on the same matters, I don’t know why that would give rise to gossip or other speculation about the nature of this “relationship”. It seems to me that it is “unnatural” to have a partner, i.e., Ms. Korry, work from her home on a regular basis. Indeed, were her clients billed at her regular rate or at her “at home” rate? I also don’t think the clients should bear the costs of the car service used to deliver papers to her at home since I am sure her clients expect her to work from the office.
S&C should settle this and settle it quickly. If I were Goldman and other clients, I would start looking for other law firms to service my work.”
“I agree with David that Korry missed that meeting [about treating associates better]. But it has nothing to do with Aaron. Korry is a walking terror. I have NEVER had any problem working with any partner here at S&C besides for Korry. Anytime I’ve had to work with her, it’s been an absolute nightmare.”
Our take: Alexandra Korry is the BEST S&C PARTNER EVER. We adore her to the high heavens.
We have even written a haiku in her honor:
Oh Alexandra,
Place us in golden handcuffs —
With matching collar.
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