Aaron Charney solo firm headshot Aaron B Charney Aaron Brett Charney Above the Law ATL.JPGIn response to yesterday’s post about Aaron Charney’s fabulous new apartment, two comments were made that caught our eye:

“Looks like Charney is going to default both on his complaint and his mortgage. Plus there’s no way he gets $820k for his condo in this market when he has to sell it. I’d say poor kid, but he brought it on himself.”

“Maybe Charney can sell the movie rights to his story or something now, since a multimillion dollar settlement ain’t happening. Alas, that movie has already been done (‘Philadelphia’). Oh well, there’s always Playgirl magazine, I’m sure they’d be happy to have him pose.”

This got us thinking: What should Aaron Charney do next?
Time for an ATL reader poll:

We’ve left an “Other” option in case any of you have suggestions for Aaron Charney’s future. Please place them in the comments. Depending upon the vote tallies, we may then hold a run-off, between the most popular of the existing options and/or the best new options that you suggest. Thanks!
Update: We dislike the idea of dignifying this with a response, but we assure you: We are NOT Loyola 2L.

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