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Law Librarian Hotties: Your Female Nominees

law library librarians hot hottest hotties Above the Law legal blog.JPGEarlier this month, we began accepting nominations in Above the Law’s exciting Law Librarian Hotties Contest. We received some excellent submissions — librarians so hot that if you saw them in the stacks, you’d drop that Am. Jur. on your foot.

Now it’s time to announce the nominees. We’ll start with the women; the men will follow in due course. To kick things off, some words from a librarian at the U.S. Supreme Court:

To quote President Bush, “As Sam [Alito] and I both know, you can’t go wrong marrying a librarian.” Good luck to all your contestants!

You may not agree with most (or any) of George W. Bush’s actions. But marrying Laura Bush — who did have a “real job,” as a librarian (sorry, Teresa Heinz Kerry) — was probably one of the Decider’s best decisions.

If you’d like to follow the president’s lead, and find a librarian of your own to marry, we have some candidates for your consideration. To “check out” (hehe) America’s hottest law librarians, take a peek at what lies after the jump.

Three quick comments:

1. We thank everyone who submitted a nomination; we received many more nominees that we were able to feature here. We regret that we were only able to include thirteen nominees. (We originally were shooting for twelve, but just couldn’t decide between the final two.)

2. Several of these pictures are thumbnail images. If you want to take a closer look, just click to enlarge!

3. We apologize if you find some of these testimonials — which have already been heavily edited for length — to be on the long side. Most of the nominations came from either lawyers or librarians (two groups not known for being concise).

Elizabeth Breakstone Above the Law Blog.jpg1. ELIZABETH BREAKSTONE
Title: Law Collections Librarian, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
“The boys and girls love her- for good reason. She has been breaking hearts for years- all the way from Ohio to Illinois to Michigan to Oregon and back again. But who wouldn’t love her dreamy dark eyes and hair and smattering of the cutest freckles you’ve ever seen across her nose. Not only will she ensure that you have unlimited access to Westlaw for all your legal researching needs, but she’ll also make you a delicious gourmet dinner, take you on a bike ride, and beat your ass at Scrabble. She’s the complete dreamy librarian package and is totally hot in every way.”

Jenel Cotton 2a Above the Law Blog.JPG
Title: Reference/Research Librarian, O’Quin Law Library, University of Houston, Houston, TX
“Jenel Cotton is a total hottie. First of all, she’s incredibly smart, which is totally hot. Jenel might be the only woman I know who I’m pretty sure can bench press her weight. She’s a very cool chick, a TON of fun to be around, the best thing to ever come from Ohio. I know I might be a little late on this entry, but I really hope you accept it, because Jenel definitely deserves a nod.”
“The hottest law librarian in America is, without a doubt, Jenel Cotton. Her smile is just dazzling. And check out those Angela Bassett arms, developed from lifting volumes of F. Supp. 2d. Jenel has got it going on!”

Emily Cunningham 1b Emily G Cunnigham Above the Law blog.JPGEmily Cunningham 3 Emily G Cunningham Above the Law Blog.jpg3. EMILY G. CUNNINGHAM
Title: Library School Graduate Student, Law Librarian specialization, University of North Texas School of Library and Information Sciences (UNT SLIS)
“I am nominating myself, which is lame, yes, but only because I’m not currently employed as a law librarian. I’m a feisty redhead and I specialize in electronic research, foreign and international law, which I think is pretty hot.”
Emily Cunningham Emily G Cunningham 2 Above the Law Blog.jpg“I received my JD from the University of Houston in 2004 and am in my last semester of my Master’s at UNT. I worked as a Research Specialist at King & Spalding LLP for a year and a half and am interviewing now for other positions. I’ve been nicknamed “the naughty librarian” by some friends because I have tattoos and piercings and like sexy clothes (for after work, of course).”

Ed. note: We realize that we initially said the contest was open to current law librarians (as opposed to law librarians in training). But we have a weakness for self-promoting types; and Emily showed so much chutzpah in nominating herself that we felt we couldn’t exclude her. We leave it up to the electorate to decide whether her status as an aspiring rather current law librarian should be held against her.

Joy Hanson 2 Legal Librarian Above the Law blog.JPGJoy Hanson 3 Joy M Hanson Duke Law School Above the Law.jpg4. JOY M. HANSON
Title: Research Librarian, United States Supreme Court, Washington, DC
“Joy Hanson has worked at Duke University School of Law’s library for the pasttwo2 years, and has been the talk of the male population at Duke Law from day one. She’s super hot, and she’s from Hawaii…how hot is that? Joy was definitely the hottest thing that Duke Law faculty and staff had going for it, but now she’s moved on to work at the Supreme Court…a pretty hot job.”
“The best thing about Joy is that she isn’t bitchy hot…she’s one of the sweetest people I know. She drives around a mini-cooper, likes to wear these leather boots with 3 inch heels to work, and does triathlons. What more do you want? She can kick my ass at pool…that’s pretty hot. Clearly she is American’s hottest law librarian.”
“Joy is not only incredibly attractive, she’s also one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. I think she’s originally from Hawaii, which explains her totally laid back nature, not to mention her hotness. Also, did I mention that she’s now working at the law library to end all law library’s…at the U.S. Supreme Court. That means she gets to do Inter-Library Loan requests for the likes of CJ Roberts and his trusty clerks.”
“”Joy is, most certainly, the nicest librarian at Duke Law School. In addition to being hot, she’s amazing at getting whatever it is you need with none of that typical librarian ‘I know how to find it and you don’t’ attitude.”
“She should be named America’s hottest law librarian because all the Duke law school boys drooled over her and begged her to attend their parties and go out to bars with them. Many only asked for help in the library when she was at the desk. They were all very sad when she left for the Supreme Court this fall. Though in her defense, she is a fantastic librarian and can find anything.”
“She’s the newest addition to our research staff, starting in December, she comes to us from Duke U law library. She’s a Chicago Bears fan! And a native of Hawaii, she’s a new resident of DC and single. She completed her BA in Economics at DePauw University and She has a MLS as well as a JD from Indiana University. She’s currently the youngest and most eligible bachelorette librarian at the SCOTUS.”

Kristine Lloyd 2 Marion the Librarian Above the Law.JPG5. KRISTINE LLOYD
Title: Law Librarian, K&L Gates, Seattle, WA
“Kristine adds a healthy dose of warm, sticky southern charm to the chilly pacific northwest. With her deep southern twang, feisty attitude, and genial nature, and she’s a real life embodiment of Julia Sugarbaker meets Dr. Meredith Grey. She’s always able to answer any question or design a research strategy….”
“Always one to let her hair down, Kristine has (unsurprisingly) found it tough here in Seattle to find equally sultry brethren. However, I’ve heard stories about how she and her friends rage when she high-tails it back to Sweet Home Alabama for visits. Although the K&L Gates library is chock full of star librarians, there’s little doubt that Kristine’s charm and quick wit guarantee her a spot as one of America’s Sexiest Law Librarians. Is there any doubt after viewing this photo where she played “dress-up” as “Marion, the Librarian”? Reminds me more of Britney Spears in the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video: Catholic School Girl … I think not!”

Michele.jpg6. MICHELE LUCERO
“She’s a law librarian; and she’s enthusiastic and helpful. Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I’d say she’s the most attractive law librarian with whom I’ve worked.”

Title: Visiting Librarian
Maribel Nash 1 librarian Above the Law blog.jpgWorkplace: Valparaiso Law School Library, Valparaisao, IN
“I nominate Maribel Nash, visiting librarian at the Valparaiso Law School Library.
She’s fresh out of Washington University Law School in St. Louis where she was on Law Review. She makes us Valpo students feel inadequate.”
“Maribel is, unfortunately, married to someone who is not me. She’s sexy, sweet and smart as hell. You can’t see from the picture but she’s got a banging bod, too. Just saying…”

Title: Reference Librarian
Sara Paul 1b librarian Above the Law blog.JPGWorkplace: Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker, San Francisco, CA
“I would like to nominate my friend Sara Paul. She is the reference librarian at Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker in San Francisco. She used to be the reference librarian at the New York County district attorney’s office. She is a real cutie!”
“What’s really hot about Sara Paul is her fun-loving spirit. She’s such a delight to be around. What could be hotter? Vote Sara Paul for hottest law librarian!”

Title: Information Research Specialist
Abigail Rudman 2 Abby Rudman librarian Above the Law blog.JPGWorkplace: Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, Washington, DC
“Check-out access at the Library of Congress is an immense aphrodisiac, and if you’re on the Hill, Abby will gladly bike that obscure Posner-edited volume to your place. After unbundling out of her winter coat, she is left in a black skirt and white mesh blouse that simultaneously say ‘Sshhh!’ and ‘Stop staring at my chest!'”
“Having gotten comfortable, she happily accepts a glass of wine, which adds a bit more blush to her naturally blushing cheeks. It gets her talking, about the legislative history of minimum wage laws, about the 2008 budget, about love.”
“You sidle a little closer, but just as you work up the nerve to put an arm around her, she notices her watch – she has to get in a few hours of piano practice before bed. She accepts an all-too-brief hug and a missing-its-mark kiss on the cheek, and bikes away into the night.”

Bonnie Shucha 1 librarian Above the Law blog.jpg10. BONNIE SHUCHA
Title: Head of Reference, University of Wisconsin Law Library, Madison, WI
“Springing forth form the same law school that brought you the Hottest Law School Dean – B Bracket (Walter J. Dickey) is, of course, the hottest Law Librarian of the Land – Any and Every Bracket, Bonnie Shucha! What is it in the water in Madison, WI, that breeds such beautiful people? We don’t know, but we suspect it’s mostly the copious amount of beer we drink at the nation’s #1 party school. Look at that blond hair – hot! That carefree smile? Hot! Those all-knowing eyes? Hot! And umm, hello? She blogs, too. H-O-T-HOT!”
“I’m just a bit biased, as she is my wife, but I’ve been a guest at several AALL conferences, and I always think that she’s the hottest law librarian in the bunch!”
“In addition to being hot, she also maintains WISBLAWG, and, I understand, is seen in many circles as the blog queen of law librariandom. I’m constantly in awe of the multiple requests she gets to speak at events around the country (and Canada, too!)…even jealous.”
“She’s also Mom to two kids (6y.o. & 3y.o.) and a mutt (about 13y.o.). She loves Star Trek (only the new ones, please), Stargate, and has recently started into Battlestar Galactica…but she never reads sci-fi…although she does read (almost constantly). She even took time out from her busy schedule to eat lunch with me almost every day that I was a full-time graduate student at the UW. Walking down State Street with a beautiful woman to get some lunch made my day every time. It’s not easy to turn heads when you’re competing with all those undergrads, but she holds her own!”
“In summary: Bonnie is a hot item on the law librarian scene (professionally), and she’s simply a hottie!”
“Bonnie Shucha. Scarlett Johansson. We rest our case.”
“Picture speaks for itself. And she runs the UW Law Library blog. This contest is OVER.”

Amy Thornton Amy J Thornton librarian Above the Law blog.jpg11. AMY J. THORNTON
Title: Law Librarian, Stafford Rosenbaum LLP, Madison, WI
“Not all hotties migrate to the coasts. Heartland heart-throb Amy Thornton practices her craft at a 30-lawyer firm in Madison, Wisconsin.”
“Amy is the epitome of a Hot Law Librarian. She’s a smart, sexy woman who is fierce in her defense of libraries, in her love for friends and animals, and in her commitment to progressive causes. She hikes, she bikes, she reads Seventh Circuit Judge Terence Evans’ opinions just for the jokes…”

Amy Thornton 2 Amy J Thornton Above the Law blog.jpg
“She can play ‘bookish,’ but only in a rock-video librarian way — you just know those cats-eye glasses and sensible shoes are going to be long gone by the end of the song…”
“And she’s just as beautiful on the inside. She has swung a hammer as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, she served as a poll worker in last November’s elections, and she chairs the Grants Committee for the Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin.”
“Amy deserves your vote for Hottest Law Librarian in the United States!”

Camilla Tubbs 1 Law Librarian Above the Law blog.jpgCamilla Tubbs 2b Law Librarian Above the Law Blog.JPG12. CAMILLA TUBBS
Title: Reference Librarian and Lecturer in Legal Research, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT
Ed. note: Okay, this tipster submitted like a five-page nomination in support of Camilla Tubbs (as well as a web album of photographs). We’re only going to publish some excerpts here.
“Since starting at Yale about a year and a half ago after graduating as one of the top graduates (in my view, the top graduate) of the prestigious University of Washington Law Librarianship program, Cam (as I call her) has quickly become the go-to reference librarian for students and faculty alike–when you need something from the library, you go to her. She is young, a go-getter, exceedingly attractive, and has been a breath of fresh air within the library and the law school at Yale.”
“Students love her because she is up-to-date with legal resources, provides great reference assistance, is very intelligent and articulate, puts a lot of work into teaching her legal research courses (regular all-nighters), and is always willing to help anyone who needs it–she is also a well-dressed, pleasant sight during a lecture, I’ll tell you that! Our (demanding!) faculty love her because she gets them whatever they need when they need it, she provides thoughtful and helpful research assistance, and she can handle tasks that others simply shy away from. Our staff loves her because she is willing to help with anything without pulling rank, showing off, or exhibiting any of the usual Ivy League stuffiness. In short, Camilla’s workplace demeanor is a blessing to everyone at Yale, and her work ethic is second to none.”
“As far as beauty goes, I think the best way to appreciate good looks is by checking out the attached photo album that I prepared just for your review (these are the few pictures that I have of her, but they are good ones; read the captions!). As the album makes clear, Camilla’s all-American good looks not only stand out among others, but stand on their own. A gorgeous 5’5″ Wisconsiner, she is a former dancer and dance instructor who keeps fit and wows men in the process. She has gorgeous green eyes, a trim figure, and knows how to dress well. She has brought a sense of style, grace, and professionalism to the Yale Law School that it didn’t have before, and I can’t think of a staffer within the building that hasn’t noticed a different tone within the library since her arrival. Needless to say, Camilla turns quite a number of heads when she walks down the hallowed halls of Yale—I’m sure you’ll agree that she is quite the looker.”

Erika Wayne 2 Erika V Wayne Erica Wayne Above the Law Blog.jpg13. ERIKA V. WAYNE
Title: Assistant Director, Information Services (“really really important law librarian”)
Workplace: Robert Crown Law Library, Stanford Law School, Palo Alto, CA
“All students love Erika Wayne. More than one or two male students have been known to have a crush on her. She is amazingly helpful and has managed to succeed despite not really having an ‘inside library’ voice.”
“Allow me to quote from the citation from the Marsh O’Neill Award, which Erika Wayne won in 2002: ‘The words “dazzling,” “amazing,” “extraordinary,” “a tour de force,” might suggest a terrific new movie or a memorable concert. Put those words in the context of a law library, and you would be describing Erika Wayne, Reference and Internet Librarian in the Stanford Law School.”
“Think Cate Blanchett, but brunette. And with mad archival research skillz. ‘Nuff said.”


So those were the thirteen worthy contenders. Now, the poll:

Who is America’s hottest law librarian?
Elizabeth Breakstone
Jenel Cotton
Emily Cunningham
Joy Hanson
Kristine Lloyd
Michele Lucero
Maribel Nash
Sara Paul
Abigail Rudman
Bonnie Shucha
Amy Thornton
Camilla Tubbs
Erika Wayne
Free polls from

Thanks for voting! The men will follow in due course.

UPDATE: The male nominees have been announced. Check them out here.

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