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Shanetta Cutlar: A Magnificent Machiavellian

Shanetta Cutlar 2 Shanetta Y Cutlar Shanetta Brown Cutlar DOJ SPL Special Litigation Section Civil Rights Division.jpgIn reacting to our worshipful coverage of Shanetta Y. Cutlar, Chief of the Special Litigation Section at the U.S. Department of Justice, some of you have questioned her “diva” status. It has been suggested that while Shanetta Cutlar may have the temperament of a diva, she lacks the talent or ability of one.
We disagree. And we think the latest information we’ve received about SYC establishes that when it comes to office politics and Machiavellian maneuvering, few are the equal of Shanetta Y. Cutlar.
Just like the divine Anna Wintour, Shanetta Cutlar is a shrewd and savvy woman, who knows how to “work it.” She has risen to a position of power and prominence within her profession, through a potent combination of smarts, charm, and good old-fashioned ruthlessness.
From a former employee of the Special Litigation Section:

Shanetta started with the Special Litigation Section (SPL) as a intern. Within ten years she worked her way up, managing to slide, wiggle and charm her way into the prominent position of Section Chief.

As she quickly moved up the ladder, passing one superior and mentor after another, Shanetta kept a mental tab of each and every accounting in which she felt she was wronged and treated unfairly as a line attorney. Upon taking her throne, she instantly placed her strategic plan into motion, and quickly begin to execute her hit list.

She had the current head secretary placed into the file room until she received a new, hand-selected head secretary. Rumor had it that the exiled head secretary treated Shanetta “mean.” Wow…

Our tale continues, after the jump.

Shanetta had enemies among the lawyers as well as the support staff. She took care of them too upon taking control of the Section:

Shanetta’s long memory and hit list encompassed many other unsuspecting victims. There were two Deputy Chiefs that were targeted and hit — hard. They had given the DOJ and SPL many years of dedicated, hardworking service. Within a year, Shanetta managed to have these two Deputy Chiefs stripped of their titles, demoted to regular line attorneys, and placed in other sections.

One Deputy Chief had [the higher-paying] SES [Senior Executive Service] status, which Shanetta did not have when she accepted the position as Chief. Once this deputy chief was stripped of her title and position, Shanetta was granted SES. Shanetta’s justification for demoting this deputy: lack of work productivity, mismanagement of DOJ cases, and a host of other inflated, unwarranted reasons. The front office bought it, and approved Shanetta’s actions.

We’re smacking our lips right now. Concludes our tipster:

This woman feels nothing, made of stone & ice, with bright red lipstick — and a evil laugh that will send you into orbit.

There’s something almost poetic about that, dontcha think?
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