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Shanetta Cutlar’s Defender: We’re Not Sayin’, We’re Just Sayin’

Shanetta Cutlar 2 Shanetta Y Cutlar Shanetta Brown Cutlar DOJ SPL Special Litigation Section Civil Rights Division.jpgLate last month, one “Thailour Preston” posted an awesome defense of Shanetta Cutlar, the high-powered chief of the Justice Department’s Special Litigation Section. It read, in pertinent part, as follows:

I am sick and tired of all of you jelly-backed spineless weasels who write in with your “anonymous” monikers. Even you cowards who used to work for Shanetta should be man or woman enough to step up to the plate and identify yourselves instead of hiding behind the anonymous tags. How gutless!

If you carefully check the records, you will find that real substantive civil rights work is going forth in the Special Litigation Section. I would say that this is quite an accomplishment considering the current administration and its horrible record on civil rights issues.

No one talks about all the in-house sniping and back-stabbing that went on when she took the job. Plenty of mud-slinging and back-biting by would-be saboteurs galore. The hope was that she would go away and guess what – she’s still standing….

[D]on’t tell me that some of the attacks were not racially motivated. Check yourselves on that. Anyway, you idiots need to get a life and leave this woman alone.

As noted, this comment was signed by “Thailour Preston.”
Now we don’t seek to unmask our commenters. We respect their anonymity; it allows them to speak freely, which is great. We’re big believers in the First Amendment around here.
But anonymity does allow people to play pranks or assume personas. For example, colorful commenter “Leona” — who posed as a super-religious, anti-gay Christian woman — owned up to being a joke (in real life, a gay guy living in Cambridge, MA). Similarly, some of you have wondered whether “Loyola 2L” is a fictional identity.
So you never know for certain who’s posting what around here. But one of you did email us to point out an interesting coincidence:

Here is a bio (PDF) for Bishop Brian Garner. Someone has already noted the close relationship between Brian Garner and SYC, one of his congregants.

Look at the name of Brian’s wife: Robin Thailour Preston. Sound familiar?

If commenter Thailour Preston is in fact Robin Thailour Preston, the wife of Shanetta Cutlar’s minister, then she may be the only SYC defender who has identified herself by her real name. Maybe the only person in the comments besides you and Ty who has used a real name?

We have not (and don’t intend to) undertake further investigation into the identity of “TP.” So we don’t know for certain whether commenter “Thailour Preston” is in fact Robin Thailour Preston, good friend and fellow church member of Shanetta Y. Cutlar.
We just thought this was an interesting coincidence, which we wanted to share. That’s all.
ATL reader comment from Thailour Preston
Suffragan Bishop Brian S. Garner, Sr. (PDF)
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