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Skaddenfreude: A Few More Dechert Memos

100 dollar bill Above the Law Above the Law law firm salary legal blog legal tabloid Above the Law.JPGWe have more associate base salary information, from different Dechert offices around the country, to share with you. Alas, these pay scales aren’t as interesting as the Dechert DC memo, which announced what one commenter described as “a caste system” within that office.
But some of you did request compensation information for Dechert offices other than D.C. and Philadelphia. So here it is.
Check out the tables, if you’re interested, after the jump.

Dechert New York:
1st 160,000
2nd 170,000
3rd 185,000
4th 210,000
5th 230,000
6th 250,000
7th 265,000
8th 280,000
Dechert San Francisco / Newport Beach / Hartford:
1st: 145,000
2nd: 155,000
3rd: 170,000
4th: 190,000
5th: 210,000
6th: 225,000
7th: 240,000
8th: 250,000
Dechert Austin / Palo Alto:
1st: 150,000
2nd: 160,000
3rd: 175,000
4th: 190,000
5th: 210,000
6th: 230,000
7th: 245,000
8th: 255,000
Interesting that the Palo Alto folks get paid slightly more than their San Francisco brethren, despite the geographical proximity of the two offices.
Also, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a screenshot of the Dechert Palo Alto email:
Dechert 3 pay raise associate base salary memo Above the Law.jpg

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