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Bong Hits 4 ATL: Kenneth & Me

Kenneth W Starr Kenneth Starr Ken Starr Above the Law blog.jpgYesterday, while waiting in line outside the U.S. Supreme Court, we saw a tall gentleman and two younger associates walking down the street. His black hat was pulled far down, but there was something familiar about the eyes, the glasses….
Then it came to us: It’s Kenneth Starr! We’re huge fans of Ken Starr, because of his leading role in one of the greatest political and personal dramas of all time: the Monica Lewinsky story.
We whipped out our camera and started running after Dean Starr and his two young companions (presumably associates from Kirkland & Ellis). We caught up to him, and this exchange ensued (our remarks were pretty silly, but we were giddy with excitement and not thinking clearly):

“Excuse me — are you a litigator?”


“Um, are you litigating in the Supreme Court today?”


“Are you Mr. Starr?” (We realized later we probably should have addressed him as Dean Starr or Judge Starr.)


“Hi. My name is David Lat. It’s nice to meet you!”

“It’s nice to meet you, David.”

(We extended our hand, but he left his hand firmly stuffed in his pocket, as he kept walking. We continued to snap photo after photo of him and his associates, telling him, “Don’t mind me!”)

Then we trotted ahead to intercept him again, as he came around the bend to go in the Maryland Avenue entrance. We started talking more photos of him. He greeted us, with dry amusement:

Starr: “Why, hello again!”

ATL: “This is what passes for paparazzi at the Supreme Court!”

After the argument was finished, Ken Starr exited the Court by proceeding down the front steps. We saw him coming and intercepted him again. This exchange ensued:

(By saying “I’ll see you over here,” Dean Starr was referring to the gaggle of microphones set up on the front plaza of the Court, where he proceeded to give some remarks for the news media.)
Ken Starr, outside the U.S. Supreme Court [YouTube]

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