Gera Grinberg Above the Law Sullivan Cromwell Gera Grinberg Aaron Charney Above the Law.JPGWe previously issued a request for any and all information, however trivial, about Gera Grinberg — the mysterious Sullivan & Cromwell associate who worked closely with Aaron Charney, plaintiff in Charney v. S&C. We received a few responses.
The tidbits we received are rather insignificant. But considering how secretive Gera Grinberg appears to be — neither we nor the many MSM reporters on the scene have managed to dig up anything major on him — we regard these factoids as a minor coup.
The answer to the question “What’s Gera Grinberg really like?” is a more closely guarded secret than the identity of Valerie Plame. Okay, bad example; but you get the point. Anyway, here are our five factoids:

1. People who have worked with Gera Grinberg describe him as “a nice guy.” Normally this wouldn’t be worth mentioning. But considering the high a**hole quotient in S&C’s M&A group, it’s significant.

2. Gera lives in a luxury apartment development in Jersey City’s Hudson River waterfront district — a relatively easy commute to S&C’s downtown offices.

3. Grinberg went to school in Canada — Kwantlen University College in British Columbia, followed by the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law — but he was born in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, upon information and belief).

4. Gera is heterosexual, and he has — or at least he had (we don’t know the current status of the relationship) — a girlfriend. Said girlfriend is also a lawyer; we don’t know where she works.

5. As far as we know, Gera Grinberg is still on paid leave from Sullivan & Cromwell — and apparently remains on the payroll, since he’s still on the S&C website.

(Recall that when Aaron Charney was finally fired by S&C, well after he filed his pro se lawsuit, his bio was removed from the firm website faster than Alexandra Korry can hurl a stapler.)

Are these earth-shattering revelations? Hardly. But considering Gera Grinberg’s status as International Man of Mystery, we deserve credit for unearthing even these measly scraps.
If you have any more information about Gera Grinberg to add, you know where to reach us. Thanks.
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