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Friday Afternoon Argument Fodder: Most Underrated Law Schools

chart.gifWe know you guys love arguing over stuff in the comments. So here’s some red meat for your to chew upon: Vault’s list of the top 25 most underrated law schools.
Is your law school on the list? Should it be?
Here are the top 10, as collected over at TaxProf Blog:
1. Emory
2. Fordham
3. Howard
4. Chicago-Kent
5. Oregon
6. George Mason
7. Illinois
8. William & Mary
9. Vanderbilt
10. Georgia
What we’d like to see: a list of the ten most OVERrated law schools.
(Yeah, we know — there is a fair case that our alma mater should be on any such list. But the Vault list looks at schools from the perspective of law firms looking for associates to hire, not law schools looking for prospective faculty members.)
Most Underrated Law Schools [Vault via TaxProf Blog]

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