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If BC Law Goes Up Five Spots in U.S. News Next Year, Here’s Why

Meet Adrienne (at right), a 22-year-old hottie from South Carolina — and a current student at Boston College Law School.

Adrienne graces the cover of the current issue of Barstool Sports. We are not familiar with this publication, but we are advised that it is “a prestigious biweekly magazine.”

In our opinion, the cover photograph isn’t even the best picture of this comely young lawyer-in-training. We think this shot and this one are both superior. To review Adrienne’s photo gallery for yourself, click here.

Adrienne — who will be making an appearance next Thursday, March 15, from 9 to 11 p.m., at an establishment called “Whiskey’s” — is studying for a JD. But based on her interview, it sounds like she’s also pursuing her MRS….

Honestly, my dream job would be being a housewife and stay at home Mom. I should have been born in the 1950s I love to wear dresses and aprons, cook, clean, sew, and take care of other people.

I’m a total homebody. That doesn’t mean I won’t still put my law degree to good use, but being an amazing wife and mom is definitely going to be my first priority.

(Hmm… What would Judge Richard Posner think of “Adrienne, Esq.,” becoming a stay-at-home mom? Click here for his thoughts.)

Personally, we think it would be a pity for Adrienne’s legal skills to go unused:

7. What’s your best spring break memory?

I plead the fifth.

Someone certainly knows her criminal law!

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