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Non-Sequiturs: 03.05.07

* This really could happen to anyone who uses public transportation. Seriously, slow down people — that extra 5 minutes isn’t going to tear off three of your fingers and half your palm, or turn you into a deserving-yet-questionable plaintiff. [Gothamist]
* I love it when the art world gets nasty. [New York Sun]
* Ethiopia knows a good thing when it sees it. Or does it just really hate that Red campaign? (I’m still wondering if any of those self-righteous celebs are able to locate any African country on a map.) [Legal Times]
* The face that launched a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Hope her self-esteem is in check, because the commentary is bound to be nastier than the comments to ATL’s “Hotties” contests. [QuizLaw; CNET]
* I don’t know who this is, but this happens way too much. For shame. [Yahoo! Sports]

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