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Non-Sequiturs: 03.23.07

Pregnant Belly 2 Above the Law blog.JPG* With the advanced state of medical technology, it won’t be long before some pol subjects every pregnant woman to a recording of her fetus pleading, “Please, Mommy, don’t kill me!” [MSN]
* What on earth was he planning on doing with all that money? I’m thinking a tragic Gatsby-esque scenario. [ABA Journal E-Report]
* Did Craigslist receive a threatening phone call from the Starbucks legal department? I’ve never been a barrista, but even I could not help but shake my head in amusement and utter, “So true, so true.” [Starbucks Gossip]
* In law school, I stuck to those guys in the backrooms of dive bars, who lent me tuition money on a handshake. Now that’s honest business… Of course, now they’ve pimped me out to a law firm. [New York Times]

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