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Law & Order: The Final Doink-Doink?

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We don’t know about you, but we’re despondent about the news that NBC is considering pulling the plug on “Law & Order.” (And we know of at least one L&O fan on the federal judiciary who’d go into deep mourning if McCoy and company got the ax!)

“The mothership is a real discussion,” NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly told Variety last week. “Nothing goes on forever.”
Industry insiders use the term “mothership” when distinguishing “L&O” from the other “L&O” shows, but it’s more than that. It’s the detective show that prepped TV viewers to get sucked into all other existing detective shows.

Think about how many truly awful cop/lawyer shows have come and gone since “Law & Order” was born. Remember the one about the AUSAs, with Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband? There were two other short-lived L&O spinoffs: “Law & Order: Trial by Jury,” starring Bebe Neuwirth, and “Conviction”. And worst of all: the atrocious CBS Supreme Court drama “First Monday,” where the Chief Justice would gather his clerks in a huddle before oral argument and say “Let’s go out there and make history!”
So, ATL readers, cancel your glamorous plans tonight and stay home to watch L&O. The alternatives are so much worse. And we don’t want Sam Waterston to have to go back to pitching robot insurance.

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