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Non-Sequiturs: 04.23.07

* Good news from the Tier 3 trenches: Southwestern University School of Law graduate Stefani is the winner of The Apprentice: Los Angeles, even though she is a trial lawyer and probably 10 years older than she says. Although I have yet to watch an episode, I’m annoyed that she spells her name with an “f” and an “i” and that she beat out the ethnic guy. [Black Prof]
* SNL Imus-themed skit, or just spectacularly disgraceful behavior? Unfortunately, despite being as unfunny as the former, the latter is all real-life. [Chicago Sun-Times]
* Long gone are the days when it was just girls doing it in the bathroom during prom. [San Francisco Chronicle]
* Give the guy a break — he did use the drive-through. The silver lining is that he’ll no doubt be receiving lots of (hopefully new) underwear fan mail. [WRAL]
* There are times when “seamless web” is not the nifty food delivery service, “holistic” does not refer to new age massage therapy and legal blogs are for actual legal discourse. [Legal Theory Blog]

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