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The Jurisdiction Stripper: More on Adriana Dominguez

Adriana Dominguez 2 Brooklyn Law School Playboy Above the Law blog.JPGHere’s the promised follow-up to our earlier post about Adriana Dominguez, the Brooklyn Law School 3L who has embarked upon a career as a Playboy TV stripper.
Remember the similarly named Adrienne — the Boston College Law School student who did a racy spread for Barstool Sports? Adrienne ain’t got nothing on Adriana. Adriana Dominguez doesn’t just do soft-core, Sports Illustrated swimsuit-style spreads; she takes it all off. And she works it for the camera.
More discussion, including some comments from her classmates at BLS, after the jump.

In no particular order, here are some random tidbits about Adriana Dominguez:
1. Adriana Dominguez is 24 years old, and she did her undergraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania. So that makes her an Ivy Leaguer, as the NYDN notes.
2. She has shown a commitment to public service. She interned in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, in the domestic violence unit.
3. According to this comment, she’s not on any journal at BLS. But she is active in extracurriculars, serving as treasurer of her law school’s Legal Association of Activist Women. See here (which also includes her email address).
4. She explained her decision to make the video as follows:

“I wanted to do something a little crazy before I graduate and do become a lawyer … do something kind of out of character… Lawyers can be boring.”

5. The Playboy TV episode that she starred in was aired back in January, but it’s only getting widespread play now, thanks to the circulation of a video clip by email.
6. Here are a few random comments from students and alumni of Brooklyn Law School:

“My friends say she’s super-tacky. In any case, the blond dye job looks awful.”

“It should be noted that the young man holding her vagina and, at one point, spanking her ass, is also a Brooklyn Law student….”

“Up until today, I was glad that I was not Loyola 2L. Now I’m not too sure. Good thing I’m a solo or else I’d have to fire myself for being an alum.”

“The ad for the full-length video is attached, and is worth the viewing. The guy who grabs her ass at the end is one of the bigger jerks at school. He was in my section and always insisted on having a post-exam rundown, which inevitably (and embarrassingly) revealed him having missed a glaringly obvious issue.”

“Adriana says she doesn’t know how it was leaked. A friend of a friend’s boyfriend works at Playboy TV, and the minute he heard about it, it began circulating around school.”

“I’m a 3L at BLS and we’ve been laughing at her for the past month. Wonder how the Brooklyn DA will feel about this?”

We do note, in the video, that Adriana says she likes being spanked. How will her supervisors in the Domestic Violence Unit feel about that?
Various rumors have been circulating about whether Adriana lost a government job offer as a result of the video. If you can confirm (or deny), please drop us a line (subject line: “Adriana Dominguez”). Thanks.
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