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Alberto Gonzales Has ‘A Monica Problem’

Monica Goodling 5 Monica M Goodling Monica Gooding Alberto Gonzales Above the Law blog.jpgWe have a new favorite catchphrase: “You have a Monica problem.” We’ve added it to our favorite quotations, and we may put it in our email signature file, too.
As explained here, the words “You have a Monica problem” were typically uttered to Justice Department job applicants whose credentials might be deemed insufficiently conservative by Monica Goodling — the uber-powerful ex-DOJ official who played a key role in hiring.
But these days, “You have a Monica problem” might also apply to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. From Jason McClure of the Legal Times:

Now it’s all about Monica.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales emerged mostly unscathed from last week’s face-off with Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee over his role in the U.S. attorney firings….

But there’s one big wild card that’s yet to be thrown into play, and that’s Monica Goodling, Gonzales’ former White House liaison.

If you don’t share our Monica obsession, you can stop reading here. But if you find her as fascinating as we do, there’s more after the jump.

Hey everyone: Mark your calendars! We now have a date certain for La Monica’s star turn. From TPMmuckraker:

With immunity secured, Monica Goodling has been scheduled to testify about the U.S. attorney firings before the House Judiciary Committee next Wednesday, May 23rd at 10:15 AM.

As ex-U.S. Attorney for New Mexico David Iglesias has said, Goodling, the former White House liaison to the Justice Department, holds the “keys to the kingdom.”

We are counting down the days — and expecting some top-notch political theater. Could Monica’s testimony mark a turning point in the U.S. Attorneys firing scandal, when the Republicans finally regain their political footing?
What strategy will Monica Goodling adopt for her House hearings? Will she present herself as a frightened young woman from rural Pennsylvania, to make the Democrats look like bullies when they rake her over the coals? Or will she show her true diva colors and turn the tables on the Dems, living by the adage that the best defense is a good offense?
We have some advice for Ms. Goodling. At congressional hearings, they usually place a pitcher of water on the table in front of the witness. Bring your red Solo cup for good luck, Monica!
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