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Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

car wreck car crash Above the Law blog.jpgHe’s not a judge yet, so we can’t bestow our coveted Judge of the Day award upon him. But he has secured the Democratic nomination for a judgeship, in Philadelphia — which means he has a decent shot of being elected.
Then again, whether Willie Singletary gets elected to the bench may depend upon how much the electorate appreciates irony. From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Willie Singletary won a Democratic nomination for Traffic Court last week despite being a scofflaw of major proportions.

As of primary day, Singletary, 26, owed $11,427.50 for 55 violations, including reckless driving, driving without a license, careless driving, driving without registration, and driving without insurance.

In fact, a bench warrant had been issued for his arrest – a fact made public after the election by Bernard Strain, who lost in the Democratic primary for Traffic Court but who won a Republican nomination.

A little more discussion, after the jump.

Singletary did what any smart eight-year-old would do. He said it was all his brother’s fault:

[His lawyer] said roughly half of the violations were accumulated over several years by a brother of Singletary’s who was using a car owned by the Traffic Court candidate.

(Of course, that still leaves the other half.)
Luckily for Singletary, his daddy rode to the rescue:

Singletary’s father paid all of the fines on his son’s behalf and the warrant was lifted, according to Richard Hoy, the younger Singletary’s lawyer.

But if Singletary wins the election, he may still need some parental help — like daily rides to the courthouse. Because of his numerous traffic violations, his driver’s license has been suspended. Through 2011.
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