October 2014

Tiffany ring2.jpgFirst, how delectable is that Tiffany engagement ring currently being advertised all over the NYT wedding pages? So big, so sparkly, so inevitably overpriced! We pity the poor guys who’ll be shelling out their clerkship bonuses for that one.
Second, memo to the New York Times: Since when does summer employment merit mention in the wedding pages? If we once spent Christmas break shoveling David Souter’s driveway, would that get us a write-up? Or is it just that the word “Skadden” makes you all trembly?
Here are this week’s couples (no summer associates here!):

1. Alexis Krock and Grant Mainland
2. Emily Sheehy and Reed Carey
3. Jessica Rodriguez and Emile Lisboa

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Monica Goodling 2 Monica M Goodling Above the Law blog.jpg12:25: We’re back from that “five minute” recess. (They run a tighter ship over on the Senate side of the Hill.)
12:27: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is up. This is gonna be GOOD.
SJL is one of our favorite Capitol Hill divas — and she qualifies as a diva under even the most stringent definition of the term. From our days of blogging at Wonkette, we have enough stories about her to fill volumes.
Jackson Lee to Goodling: “We have limited time, so I ask that you keep your answers as cryptic as possible….”
Cryptic? JEEZ….
Of course she starts off interrogating Goodling about the Howard grad whose hiring Goodling delayed. So predictable.
She also asks Goodling to state the name of the Deputy Attorney General (Paul McNulty). Was that a question? WTF???
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Goodwin Procter LLP Above the Law legal tabloid blog.jpgThe House Judiciary Committee is taking a five-minute recess in the Monica Goodling testimony. We will resume our liveblogging of the hearing in a fresh post. Our two prior reports appear here and here.
Meanwhile, we can confirm the rumor from the comments that Goodwin Procter has raised associate base salaries to the $160K scale, in Boston, California, and Washington, DC.
The memo appears after the jump.

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Monica Goodling pool picture Monica M Goodling Above the Law blog.jpgThis is a continuation of our earlier post, in which we kicked off our liveblogging of the Monica Goodling testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.
11:00: Some friendly questioning from Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), Ranking Republican Member of the Judiciary Committee. We once sat next to him at a dinner party; he’s a very nice man.
11:05: Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) is a style nightmare. White blazer, red tank-toppy-looking blouse. Congresswoman Sanchez: this is the United States Congress, not a July 4th booze cruise.
11:07: In terms of her demeanor, Goodling is not going down the diva route. She’s very polite and helpful, interspersing her remarks with self-effacing or nervous smiles. It seems that she’s trying to be as forthcoming as possible as a witness.
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Monica Goodling 5 Monica M Goodling Monica Gooding Alberto Gonzales Above the Law blog.jpgThe Democrats have gotten a lot of political mileage out of the U.S. Attorneys firing “scandal.” But their luck is about to run out. They never should have messed with the Magnificent Monica Goodling.
We’re liveblogging the Monica Goodling’s appearance before the House Judiciary Committee, which is just getting underway. Our commentary will be added continuously to this post (until we eventually migrate to a new post). So just refresh your browser for the latest.
10:19: WOW. Girlfriend looks FANTASTIC. A bona fide hottie. She has definitely shed a few pounds since the red Solo cup photo — which needs to be tossed in the dustbin of history, stat.
10:22: Monica Goodling is wearing a sober black suit, which strikes just the right note for congressional proceedings. Her dark blonde hair is immaculate: lustrous, straight but not flat, with the perfect amount of volume. The look is finished off with demurely curling tendrils — elegant and feminine, but still businesslike enough for Congress..
Goodling is in her early 30s; but today she looks like she’s in her 20s. For those of you who aren’t watching this on television, who wait for the photographs in tomorrow’s newspaper, take our word for it: you will be struck by the totality of her “makeover.”
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A news flash for criminal defendants, courtesy of a helpful tipster: “Apparently punching out an elderly juror is no longer a surefire way to get a mistrial in your case.” Or as a second reader quipped: “Did you see this? Defendant punches a juror. Mistrial? Not so much.”
From the Boston Herald:

I Crap Extra Hard For You.jpgA tough-as-nails judge yesterday sent a message to courtroom clowns seeking to disrupt their trials, denying a defendant who cold-cocked a juror a mistrial and instead ordering him chained to the floor.

“It is becoming increasingly common for violent” offenders to try to “derail” their trials by creating chaos, said Suffolk Superior Court Judge Patrick F. Brady. But accused cop shooter Richard Glawson, 46, would not prevail as a martyr of mayhem.

Though “they saw everything that transpired” Friday when Glawson laid out a male juror as the others tried to run or were trapped trembling and weeping, Brady refused to release the remaining panelists or question them as to whether they could still decide the case without prejudice.

Good for Judge Brady. We just hope they don’t give him too a hard time on appeal.
Update: Judge Brady subsequently reversed himiself, and declared a mistrial. That was lame, Your Honor!
But it sounds like the appellate mandarins of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court — who don’t have to deal with violent offenders day in and day out, safely ensconced in the SJC’s ivory tower — may have forced Judge Brady’s hand.
Case continues despite attack: Judge refuses to let courtroom chaos end in mistrial [Boston Herald]
Mistrial declared in chaos case [Boston Herald]

* The gem of this article is the last paragraph. [SI]
* Doctors and lawyers…so happy together. [Health Law Blog via WSJ Law Blog]
* Congressman seeks $880,000 in attorney fees from another Congressman. [BLT]
* Monica testifies today! [CNN]
[Ed. note: Of course we'll be liveblogging Monica Goodling's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. The hearing starts at 10:15 AM; check back with us around that time.]

Okay, this isn’t as amusing as the Alexandra Korry haikus that have been unleashed in the comments. But then again, few things are.
Courtesy of ATL reader “Josef Stalin,” here’s a Lolcat graphic, in honor of Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell:
lolcat Sullivan Cromwell Aaron Charney Above the Law blog.jpg
Lolcat [Wikipedia]
P.S. Please vote for Jordin Sparks in American Idol!!! Call 1-866-IDOLS-02, or text “VOTE” to 5702.
Even Professor Althouse, a diehard Blake Lewis fan, kind of agrees: “So, okay, let Jordin win. Blake will be fine. It will be better this way.”

Madonna Frozen Above the Law blog.jpg* Duke, race, and why the honor code is harder to understand than “Fuqua” is to pronounce. [CNN; The News & Observer]
* When a woman rushes into the bathroom and emerges with no powder of any kind on her nose, it means she’s stealing your identity, fool. [Los Angeles Times]
* If models can insure their legs, surely this guy could have insured his nose. But I’m glad I now know that Zicam can make you oblivious to the smell of pee and chemical fires. [Charleston Daily Mail]
* Another travesty on an unsuspecting public? We seemed to have accepted the whole bottled water thing with little outcry. [Consumer Law & Policy Blog]
* I can really hear Madonna’s Frozen playing over a future Dateline segment on this troubled mother. [The Pittsburgh Channel]

Elizabeth Wurtzel Prozac Nation Above the Law blog.jpgWe reiterate last year’s request for funny or interesting stories about summer associates. We’ll use them for our new feature, Summer Associate of the Day. Like ATL’s Lawyer of the Day and Judge of the Day columns — which may be somewhat misnamed, since they don’t appear daily, but whatever — we’re most interested in people making damn fools of themselves.
For today’s Summer Associate of the Day, though, we’re going for “notable” rather than “embarrassing.” From a source:

Judging from your recent post on Shane Chase, it appears you may have a soft spot for interesting or controversial summer hires.

How’s this? The New York office of WilmerHale has hired Elizabeth Wurtzel as a summer associate. You may remember her as the controversial author of Prozac Nation and Bitch, as well as a former music critic/wild card for The New Yorker and New York Magazine. She’s also a looker — see here. She’s at Yale, almost 40 now, and still looks as good.

Who knows, maybe she’ll use Wilmer for fodder for another article/book!

Indeed. Prozac Law Firm, anyone? It seems that commenter WilmerNY could use some antidepressants.
Or maybe Wurtzel could pen a sequel to her 1998 book, Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women? The world of Biglaw should provide ample fodder.
Elizabeth Wurtzel [Wikipedia]
Earlier: Low-Hanging Fruit: Summer Associate Stories, Please

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