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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 06.17: Picture This

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LEWW is so devoted to you, dear readers, that we haul out our scanner every week so we can show you pictures that the Times doesn’t post in its online edition. But this week the NYT was showing no photographic love for the lawyers. All three of our featured couples are picture-less!

We hate it too, but to borrow a way overused line from recent TV criticism, “Whaddya gonna do?” Just try to picture them in your minds or something. Here are our finalists:

1. Eva Temkin and David Lehn Jr.
2. Sophia Lynn and David Frederick
3. Amanda McCormick and Matthew Bacal

More about these couples, after the jump.

1. Eva Temkin and David Lehn Jr.
(Buy them a muffin pan.)
The Case:
– David and Eva met as law students at NYU. He graduated magna from law school; they were both cum laude as undergrads — she at Michigan and he at Harvard.
– David is an associate at Cooper & Kirk, the prestigious DC boutique with close ties to the Bush administration. Later this summer he’ll begin a clerkship for Judge Douglas Ginsburg of the DC Circuit.
– Eva’s an associate at Cravath, Swaine & Moore, which we understand is a decent little firm.
The Case Against:
– Unless Cravath opens a DC office, it looks like another couple’s going to be living apart for a while. Given their workloads, we can only hope David and Eva notice each other’s absence.
2. Sophia Lynn and David Frederick
(Buy them a dutch oven.)
The Case:
– The bride, who was once in the Foreign Service, is the project manager for a National Trust historic site in DC; it’s also where the couple got married (nice perk). She graduated from the University of Texas and has a master’s from Johns Hopkins. Sophia sounds worthy of her lovely name — cultured and creative, but not flaky.
– The groom graduated summa from the University of Pittsburgh [sounds promising — keep talking], after which he went to Oxford for a degree in comparative politics [Oxford? Our ears perk up] as a Rhodes Scholar [oh, yesssss]. Then he earned a JD, with honors, from UT [solid, but we sense there’s more] and clerked for Supreme Court Associate Justice Byron White [stop — we’re dizzy!].
– Needless to say, this groom is one of the most impressive we’ve seen. But wait; there are more delights: David is a partner at Kellogg Huber, the intensely brainy DC law firm where even the mailroom guys are former SCOTUS clerks! And when it comes to appellate work, he literally wrote the book: “Supreme Court and Appellate Advocacy” (for a treatise, a steal at $58.90).
The Case Against:
– We got nothin’. This couple is older than is typical for LEWW winners, but we’re not age-ists here. And anyway, they’re both 46, so it’s totally dignified and proper.
3. Amanda McCormick and Matthew Bacal
(Buy them some felt dinnerware protectors.)
The Case:
– Matthew is an associate at Davis Polk. He was magna at Princeton and got his JD from Columbia.
– This high-powered bride can match her husband, Princeton-for-Princeton and Columbia-for-Columbia (she has a MBA from the latter). And screw that lawyer stuff; she’s got a way cooler job — director of marketing for Michael Kors, the fashion house. Maybe Amanda can tell us why the rubber soles on these shoes wore off after, like, three outings.
The Case Against:
– Matthew’s dad helped produce the children’s television show “Transformers” in the 1980s. Women, blame him in advance for the two hours you’ll spend in the theater this July when your SO “transforms” into Dweeby McNerdo. And on a related note, if you’ve got three hours to spare, don’t miss this Wikipedia entry on Optimus Prime, which is longer than the one for George Washington.
– Amanda’s middle name, Attilia, is one letter away from that of a fearsome, barbaric warrior “remembered as the epitome of cruelty and rapacity.” If the fashion world is anything like it’s portrayed in The Devil Wears Prada (and of course it must be), it’s possible that this connection is frequently discussed by Amanda’s underlings at Michael Kors.
The Verdict:
Not a close one this week. Nobody can stop our Rhodes-Scholar-SCOTUS-clerk-treatise-writer and his lovely Sophia. Congratulations, Team Lynn-Frederick!

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