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Happy Birthday, Justice Kennedy!

Anthony Kennedy Justice Anthony M Kennedy Above the Law blog.jpgSome helpful tipsters reminded us: today is the birthday of [swing] Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. Happy Birthday, Justice Kennedy!
We asked one reader, aspiring lawyer Andrew Cohen,* for thoughts on writing up a short post. His response:

“You don’t. You write a ridiculously long post that both praises and denigrates him, pretending to come out clearly one way or another, but writing so murkily that no one can tell how you actually feel.”

And let’s throw in some flowery rhetoric, too. Considering that it’s AMK’s birthday, a shout-out to the “mystery of life” would be quite apropos.
Update: Thanks for the reminder. Birthday wishes also go out to Justice Kennedy’s most famous former clerk: Judge Alex Kozinski!
Justice Kennedy Turns 71 [How Appealing]
* We include Mr. Cohen’s name with his permission (and wish him good luck on the bar exam tomorrow). But our default rule at ATL is anonymity for all correspondents.

(hidden for your protection)

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