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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Deb-acle!

Legal%20Eagle%20Wedding%20Watch%20NYT%20wedding%20announcements%20Above%20the%20Law.jpgLEWW salutes Laura Marshall Worth, a direct descendant of Chief Justice John Marshall, who celebrated her wedding last weekend. Laura wasted a great law-school admissions essay and became a teacher, so this hat-tip is all she gets.
Here are our three lucky finalist-couples:

1. Rebecca Ingber and Anton Metlitsky
2. Alexandra Flood and Samuel Alcoff
3. Devon Powers and David Bennion

More about these couples, after the jump.

1. Rebecca Ingber and Anton Metlitsky
(Buy them a cake lifter.)

The Case:
– We’re kicking things off the same way we began last week: with a SCOTUS-bound son of Harvard. Anton penciled in his wedding and honeymoon between a Garland clerkship and the real happiest day of his life — when he’ll report for work at One First Street as a clerk for Chief Justice Roberts!
– Anton met Bec, as she’s called, when the two were 1Ls in the same section (read about it on their website). She now works for the State Department. He was summa at Penn for undergrad; she was cum laude at Yale.
The Case Against:
– That picture! It’s a wee bit tawdry, and yet . . . [LEWW strokes chin] we pronounce it . . . delicious! The chest hair of the Elect is just the faintest bit silkier than that of the average man, no?
2. Alexandra Flood and Samuel Alcoff
(Buy them a jelly roll pan.)
The Case:
– The basics are decent, if rather unremarkable: He’s Penn/Villanova Law and a director at a hedge fund; she’s Skidmore/NYU and a second-grade teacher.
– They met in 1995, when Sam was Alexandra’s escort at the International Debutante Ball at the Waldorf-Astoria.
[We’re now going to transition to The Case Against, although we concede that the line here is a fine one.]
The Case Against:
– Young Sam enjoyed the debutante escort gig: “I had a friend doing it, and it was a great way for young single guys to meet eligible young women.” For her part, young Alexandra was quite taken with the “gentlemanly” manners of Sam and his friends: “Whenever a woman went to the bathroom, they would all stand up. I was very impressed. They didn’t do that in college.” Excuse us as we vomit mightily all over your copy of Pride and Prejudice, Alexandra, but this prim Victorian pose simply reeks of affectation. Who wants to bet there’s a spring-break picture somewhere of Sam, a beer bong, and a few “eligible” young women?
– When Sam proposed last December, the setting he chose was — yep — the debutante ball. “I couldn’t think of a more interesting place than the ballroom of the Waldorf while the big event was going on.” Really, Sam? You couldn’t think of a more interesting place? Huh. Because if we were going to propose to a 30-year-old woman in the 21st century, we could think of, oh, a trillion-gazillion more interesting places than one where “orthodontists” pay $350 to “hoot and cheer” as the teenage daughters of the arriviste Vanderbilt-wannabe set remove their nose rings and “enter formal society.”
3. Devon Powers and David Bennion
(Buy them a muffin pan.)

The Case:
– This couple brings some welcome color after the fierce blizzard of whiteness above. We really like the picture, despite the absence of chest hair. (The groom hails from Utah, which we were astounded to learn is not the whitest state in the union.)
– David is an immigration lawyer with the Catholic Migration Office; he graduated from the University of Utah and NYU Law. Devon, who graduated from Oberlin, is pursuing a PhD in media studies at NYU.
The Case Against:
– David’s father, John Bennion, is an associate professor at BYU and the author of Falling Toward Heaven and other “Mormon fiction.” The couple had a nondenominational ceremony at an AME church, and the groom works for the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. We’re loving the ecumenical vibe, but is it remotely possible that no feathers were ruffled in the formation of this union?

The Verdict:
The only suspense here is how long Bec’s bikini top stayed on after that photo was snapped. Congratulations, Team Ingber-Metlitsky!

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