Studying frantically for the bar exam next week? Don’t have enough to worry about already?
We’re here to help. From Eric Turkewitz, over at the New York Personal Injury Law Blog:

screwed bar exam Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgMy bar exam [responses] were lost. Not all of them, mind you, just the 200 multi-state multiple choices answers I scored on that computer sheet with a pencil….

I was one of 500+ people who got the bad news a few weeks afterward. The answer sheets just disappeared. As in gone. Vanished. The crime (or act of negligence) was never solved. The answer sheets [were] never recovered from the Hudson River or local garbage dump, wherever it is they went.

WOW. Imagine if that happened to you, after all those weeks of studying…

I was given four choices:

1. Take the whole exam again in February 1986;
2. Take just the multi-state again in February 1986;
3. Take a special make-up exam in September 1985; or
4. Cancel the whole thing.

But don’t take an anxiety-induced crapinyourpants — at least not yet. Wait until day 2 of the bar exam.
As it turns out, Eric Turkewitz’s story has a quasi-happy ending. Read the rest, over here.
Your Bar Exam Answer Sheet Is Gone — Now What? [New York Personal Injury Law Blog]

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