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birthday cake Above the Law blog.JPGIt’s the Friday afternoon before Labor Day, and we’re ready to pack it in. We might put up another post or two — e.g., Legal Eagle Wedding Watch — but basically we are done for the day. (Our colleagues over at DealBreaker checked out hours ago.)
Before we sign off, we’d like to point out that yesterday was Above the Law’s first anniversary — or blogiversary, as some say. ATL launched one year ago, on August 30, 2006.
During the span of a year, ATL has grown in leaps and bounds. Traffic has been tremendous, far outstripping expectations. Even though ATL is in its infancy, it’s already one of the most widely read legal blogs. The site has become quite well-known, garnering a number of media mentions.
We thank you, our readers, for making this success possible. Thanks for faithfully visiting ATL (and refreshing your browsers so frequently), for spreading the word about this website, and for sending us great tips and information.
Happy Labor Day! Enjoy the long weekend. You deserve it!
P.S. Are you on Facebook? If so, please join the ATL Facebook group. Yay!
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Nixon Peabody ThemeSongGate: An ABC News Webcast

Yesterday we were away from the blogosphere. We had several meetings to attend in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, we did a webcast for ABC News. We spoke with Mary Fulginiti, the former AUSA who now covers legal affairs for ABC News, about L’Affaire Nixon Peabody:
Nixon Peabody ABC News webcast Above the Law blog.jpg
(The last time we did a webcast for ABC News, some of you opined that we looked too shiny. And you were right. So this time around, we stopped at the make-up department before entering the studio. Thanks for the constructive criticism!)
Law Firm Celebrates ‘Fortune’ With Odd Song [ABC News]
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100 dollar bill Above the Law Above the Law law firm salary legal blog legal tabloid Above the Law.JPGGood stuff. Check it out here (article) and here (chart).
The Paycheck Report [The American Lawyer]
Associates Salary Survey [The American Lawyer]

Job of the Week

Position: Fund Formation Partner
Employer: A rapidly growing general corporate law firm (New York)
Description: A senior-level attorney to build the firm’s fund formation practice. Although portable business is not required, the successful candidate must be willing to work very hard to get the practice started. The firm will provide access to major hedge fund and investment banking clients, but he/she will have take the lead on developing the business.
Requirements: The ideal candidate has seven plus years (7+) forming and advising hedge funds and/or private equity funds and wants the challenge of developing a practice group.
To apply for this position, please visit laterallink.com.
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What? You’re still here? Shouldn’t you be at the beach right now, enjoying what remains of the summer? Or maybe at a barbecue (goat head sold separately)?
For those of you who are still stuck in front of computers, let’s face it: you’re not getting any work done today. So you might as well sit around and gossip online about law firms, as we finish up our series of open threads on Vault 100 law firms.
Here are this morning’s subjects:

91. Baker & Hostetler (4.660)
92. Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel (4.658)
93. Venable LLP (4.636)
94. Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP (4.599)
95. Kelley Drye & Warren LLP (4.597)

The coveted ATL special shout-out goes to Venable. Why? It may very well be D.C.’s weirdest law firm.
Please discuss these firms in the comments. Thanks!
The Vault Top 100 Law Firms [Vault]
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* Sen. Craig may resign today. [CNN]
* NBA refs lawyer up. [CBS Sportsline]
* Iowa court approves same-sex marriages. [CNN]
* Foreign-born widows face deportation. [MSNBC]
* Litigation from Exxon’s 1989 spill continues… all over a measly $5 billion. [Yahoo News]

* Nifong pleads not guilty to contempt. [CNN]
* Debarge beats his woman to the Rhythm of the Night. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
* Texas just keeps on killing people didn’t kill this one (our bad; we saw Texas and execution and assumed). [New York Times]
* Can’t get enough funny Larry Craig stuff? Here you go! [YouTube]
* Does every affirmative action have an equal and opposite reaction? [WSJ Law Blog]

The Associated Press (via the Washington Post) reported Tuesday that the short list to replace Alberto Gonzales as AG is the following five names:

Ted Olson
George J. Terwilliger, III
Sen. Orrin Hatch
Larry D. Thompson
Paul D. Clement

Ted Olson seems like a solid, non-controversial choice. Terwilliger would definitely be the most fun name to have as AG. Senator Hatch is an interesting choice, but I’m not sure he’s interested. We took a class from Thompson in Anti-Terrorism and Criminal Procedure at UGA Law, and we liked him well enough. Clement is a logical choice I suppose as the current acting AG.
Here’s hoping that it is one of these guys, and not one of the crazy names being thrown around on Monday, like Michael Chertoff. Let’s try to go with somebody with a history of, I dunno….competence.

Last week we wondered whether conditions in the stock and credit markets might lead to layoffs or affect bonuses. The situation has continued to deteriorate, particularly in the credit market. Now others are starting to join us in the rampant speculation about layoffs.
From the NYT’s DealBook:

The current turmoil in the credit market has some law firm leaders predicting future layoffs of associates, according to The Legal Intelligencer.
Those who would be most likely to receive pink slips are those working in what have been the most lucrative practice groups over the last four years or so — structured finance, real estate and corporate mergers and acquisitions.
“Future layoffs are a realistic possibility, and they would come in the areas of corporate finance and real estate,” Duane Morris’s chairman, Sheldon Bonovitz, told The Intelligencer. “This is by reason of the turmoil in the debt markets, which has made finance of many transactions in the pipeline problematic or not feasible.”

So, what do you think — are layoffs coming?
More discussion after the jump.

double red triangle arrows Continue reading “Layoffs?”

We’re into the high eighties of the Vault 100 law firms. But even if there may be 85 firms ranked ahead of these next five firms, don’t forget that they are still incredibly prestigious and profitable places to work.
Here are the firms to chat about this afternoon:

86. Arent Fox PLLC (4.813)
87. Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP (4.801)
88. Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, L.L.P (4.801)
89. Dorsey & Whitney LLP (4.768)
90. Thelen Reid & Priest LLP (4.717)

In this batch, the special ATL shout-out clearly goes to Katten. They’re the firm that harbored this guy over the summer.
Please discuss these firms in the comments. Thanks!
The Vault Top 100 Law Firms [Vault]
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