Swiss Miss Swiss Mister Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgWe’re by no means done with our series of posts about perks or fringe benefits at legal employers (mainly law firms). Here’s one reader request that we just received:

One perk topic that you could do is free food, snacks, coffee, etc. On those Vault surveys, some firms claim to provide free Starbucks coffee and snacks.

So that’s today’s topic: free food and drink, furnished by your legal employer. And we’re not just talking about how, after a meeting breaks up, an email goes around about which conference room has the uneaten sandwiches — that’s standard.
At Wachtell Lipton, where we once worked, each floor has a kitchen — called “the pantry,” but really it’s a kitchen, with space for a small table and chairs — stocked with drinks and snacks. The snacks include Pepperidge Farm goodies, such as a wide variety of cookies and Goldfish crackers, and fresh fruit (but who eats that). The stainless steel refrigerator is full of bottled water and soda — including Fresca.
Fresca soft drink beverage Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgYou don’t even have to get up out of your Aeron chair to go to the pantry if you don’t want to. The firm employs a small army of matronly women, in black and white uniforms, to bring your favorite hot or cold beverage to you in your office. There’s no need to tell them what you want, unless you’re deviating from your usual order, since they maintain a list of all the attorneys on the floor and their favorite things to drink. And did we mention they have Fresca?
We had some discussion of free food and drink in our post about the summer associate who got no-offered for stealing firm-provided Swiss Miss. But this is the “official” post. So please have at it in the comments. Rising 2Ls going through fall recruiting are dying to know who will keep them well-hydrated and well-fed, as they toil into the wee hours of the morning!
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