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Biglaw Perk Watch: Massages

chair massage chair Sidley Austin Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgThe individual who ran this Google search presumably isn’t at Sidley Austin. Because if he were, he wouldn’t have gotten fleeced on his massage. From a tipster:

Sidley is now going to have chair massages every Friday. They come by on Fridays for 5 hours; you have to make an appointment.

While it’s not free, $1/minute isn’t a bad price at all. I can see myself having a regular 20 minute massage to end my week.

We agree. A dollar a minute, or $60 an hour — not that you’d have a 60-minute chair massage, it’s just for purposes of comparison — is much cheaper than what you’d pay at a halfway decent day spa.

A dollar a minute is also less expensive than calling a 900 number (which Cravath lawyers are known to do). But then again, the Sidley chair massages probably don’t include happy endings.

Does your firm offer massages or other forms of stress relief? Please discuss, in the comments.

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