Please accept our apologies. After breaking the story on Friday afternoon, we kinda dropped the ball on the merger of Dewey Ballantine and LeBoeuf Lamb.
We’ll write more about this transaction later. Sadly, we have to head offline for a bit. But in the meantime, here’s an open thread for people to discuss the merger.
We’ll get the ball rolling with a press-release-type statement that was sent to DB interviewees:

After receiving a callback from Dewey, the recruiting department sent me and all similarly-situated recruits the heads up: The new firm, to be dubbed “Dewey & LeBoeuf,” is set to roll out, “subject to approval by the partners in both firms.”

Below is the email that I was sent. I apologize if you’ve already been notified.

The email, from Dewey Ballantine partner Henry Ricardo, appears after the jump.

From: Henry Ricardo
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2007 7:53 PM
To: Henry Ricardo
Subject: Dewey Ballantine Merger
As some of you might have heard by now, Dewey Ballantine and LeBoeuf, Lamb,
Greene & MacRea just announced that we have signed a memorandum of
understanding to combine, creating one of the world’s premiere
international law firms. The merger is scheduled to become effective on
October 1, 2007, subject to approval by the partners of both firms.
We regret that we could not discuss the merger with you during your recent
interview, but the merger was not formalized until late last Friday. We
hope you will understand that we could not discuss a merger that the two
firms had not yet agreed to undertake.
The merger is an enormously exciting opportunity for everyone associated
with both firms. The combined firm, to be called Dewey & LeBoeuf, will
have more than 1,200 attorneys in 12 countries with revenues approaching $1
billion. We will be the fifth largest law firm in New York and one of the
largest firms globally with offices in 26 cities. In terms of “fit,” the
two firms are highly compatible. We share similar institutional cultures,
values, and visions, including strong commitments to associate
satisfaction, diversity, pro bono legal services, and maintaining a
pleasant and professional office atmosphere.
While the merger brings tremendous opportunities, we also understand that
you might have unanswered questions. We want to do everything we can to
answer those questions so that you feel equipped to decide whether we are
the right firm for you. Please feel free to call Nicole Gunn, our Manager
of Legal Recruiting, any of the attorneys with whom you met, or me with any
questions. We will send you additional information about the merger as it
becomes available.
We look forward to staying in touch with you.
Henry J. Ricardo
Chair, Legal Recruiting Committee

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