Roy Pearson Judge Roy L Pearson Abovethelaw Above the Law legal blog.jpgThe story of ALJ Roy Pearson and his $54 million pants isn’t over just yet. From the Washington Post:

[T]he small-business owners sued by D.C. Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson withdrew their demand that he pay nearly $83,000 for their legal bills, saying that enough money had been raised from supporters to cover the expenses and that they want to end the fighting.

The cleaners want Pearson, who could soon be out of a job, to do the same….

It would make for an ironic conclusion to the case: Pearson effectively benefiting from the generosity of some of the very people who vilified his suit and came to the aid of the Chungs.

No comment from Pearson on the latest news:

Pearson has not responded to requests for comment on developments in the case. Early last night, he could not reached by telephone, and he did not respond to a message sent to his personal e-mail address.

Any guesses on that “personal e-mail address”? Crazypants at hotmail dot com? Or is Judge Pearson cool enough to use Gmail?
Update: Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Chung, but no thanks. Roy Pearson has filed his notice of appeal.
Dry Cleaners Cut Plaintiff Some Slack [Washington Post via How Appealing]
Pearson to Appeal Pants Verdict [Washington Post]

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