northeast United States NE US Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgWe’ve been doing a series of open threads, timed to coincide with fall recruiting season, on different legal markets around the country. To review and access prior posts in the series, please click here.
Being superstitious, we’re reluctant to end on post #13. So here’s another regional “clean-up” post, like the ones we did for the West and the South, but focused on the Northeast.
Please discuss law firms and other legal employers in any cities that geographically fall within the states in the map at right, but excluding any markets already covered (namely, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia).
We would expect a reasonably active discussion in the comments. This is the post for all of you who have emailed us with requests for Pittsburgh; the New York satellite markets of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island; or New England other than Boston (which would include Portsmouth, NH — don’t forget Portsmouth).
So please take full advantage of this thread devoted to, in essence, cities along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor. Thanks.

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