Gone With the Wind Tara Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgWe’ve received some persistent requests for another post in our series of fall recruiting open threads, in which commenters can dish about law firms in different legal markets around the country:

“Do other southern cities! Like Nashville! Nashville is huge for healthcare and has some pretty big firms.”

And a second comment (probably from the same person as the first, but that’s okay):

“A Nashville/Southern Recruiting Thread (excluding Atlanta – like you did for the Nationwide Pay Raise Watch thread a while back) would be helpful. The Nashville market, in particular, is in a state of flux as some firms have raised salaries, while other comparable firms are still deciding what to do. It would be helpful to potential recruits to know where things stand.”

“Yes, I know that Southern markets are not worthy of this board’s time, etc., etc., etc.”

No, sure they are! Don’t be so defensive. We’re happy to put up another post.
Here’s the fall recruiting open thread for THE SOUTH (but excluding Atlanta). If you’d like to talk about such markets as Nashville, Charlotte, and Richmond, here’s your chance. Thanks, y’all.

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