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Judge Marian Shelton: A Judge Judy in Waiting?

Marian Shelton Bronx Family Court Judge Marian Shelton Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgLast week we described the Honorable Marian Shelton, of Bronx Family Court, as “a true judicial diva.” Here’s more about her, from the New York Post:

A Bronx judge had a court clerk’s wife handcuffed and tossed in a cell for contempt – because she whispered “a**hole” after her husband was kept late at work, a state panel has charged.

Family Court Judge Marian Shelton screamed at the woman, “He’ll leave when he’s finished his work, not when you tell him!” before ordering court officers to take her to a holding cell for the weekend….

Pretty awesome. Should we be surprised to learn that Judge Shelton’s wedding was presided over by another colorful and cantankerous New Yorker, then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani?
Interesting enough, Judge Shelton is being eyed for elevation — but not to an appellate court. Details after the jump.

Judge Marian Shelton is being considered for the super-lucrative precincts of TV judge-dom. From the New York Daily News:

Tinseltown star-makers think the no-nonsense Bronx Family Court judge could be the next “Judge Judy” – even though she’s under fire from the state Commission on Judicial Conduct for her alleged courtroom antics.

A Los Angeles talent agency confirmed its interest after reading Tuesday’s Daily News front- page exclusive – “Judge Gone Wild” – about Shelton’s troubles.

Judge Shelton’s spokesperson — how many family court judges have their own spokesperson? — plays down the speculation:

“Judge Shelton’s priority is to her oath and the Bronx community she serves,” said her spokesman, Adam Herbsman. “A third-generation lawyer, she intends to return to the practice of law at the end of her term.”

But even though her husband, former Proskauer partner Saul Cohen, has been described as wealthy, can Judge Shelton resist this kind of lucre?

Judge Judy Sheindlin was earning $113,000 a year in Manhattan Family Court when her outspoken style led to fame and a fortune estimated at nearly $100 million. New York Family Court judges now earn $136,700.

P.S. Two random asides about Judge Judy: (1) she’s no relation to Judge Shira Scheindlin of the S.D.N.Y. (note the different spelling); and (2) according to a Manhattan divorce-lawyer source of ours, back when she was a family court judge, Judge Judith Sheindlin was actually one of the most well-regarded members of that bench.
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