Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans

Katrina + 2 Years = A Rebuilt Legal System In New Orleans?

This week marked the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The news has been full of reports about the status of the affected areas, particularly New Orleans, two years later. Most of them have not been good; here are a few examples:
“Bitterness lingers 2 years after Katrina” [AP via Yahoo!]
“Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast Struggling 2 years later” [CNN]
“Hope, skepticism mark Katrina anniversary” [USA Today]
But this is a legal blog, and so we want to know specifically about the state of the legal community in New Orleans two years post-Katrina. Immediately following the hurricane, the New Orleans legal system was “devastated.” Has it recovered?
We’d like to hear from associates in New Orleans about their current experiences. Are the courts up and running? What is the backlog like? What about associate pay; is it back to normal?
And this has little to do with biglaw, but when is New Orleans going to get a handle on the murder situation?
Share your perspectives on the state of the New Orleans legal community in the comments.

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