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Nationwide Pay Raise Watch: Boston Updates

100 dollar bill Above the Law Above the Law law firm salary legal blog legal tabloid Above the Law.JPGSome Boston salary news, from a helpful tipster:

1. Goulston & Storrs: Raised to 160K. See here. I think that leaves Nutter, McClennan & Fish, Sullivan & Worcester, and Nixon Peabody as the only major Boston shops that have not raised to 160K. (Heck, even Day Pitney raised a little.)

2. Nixon Peabody: They should change some of the information on their website. Go here, navigate to the summer associate program, and click on the “compensation” tab. The salary box states that “Salaries reflect the geographic markets in which our offices are located.” To be more accurate, there should be an “Except for Boston, San Francisco, and Washington” at the start of the sentence.

Just thought you should know.

And we just thought our readers should know. We thank our correspondent for this information.

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