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Non-Sequiturs: 08.17.07

* Ann Althouse is a visiting professor at Brooklyn Law School this year — and they’ve put her up in an apartment with some pretty sweet views. (Perhaps she can see 125 Broad Street, home of Sullivan & Cromwell, where she once worked as an associate.) [Althouse]
* Pope Benedict: Tax evasion is sinful (in case you didn’t know that already). [TaxProf Blog]
* Judge to public defender: What, you’re not ready to go to trial on a case you’ve had for less than a day? I’m holding you in contempt! [Record-Courier]
* Courtesy of Orin Kerr, pointers for how to talk about the Jose Padilla verdict at the next cocktail party you attend. [Volokh Conspiracy]

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5 Responses to “Non-Sequiturs: 08.17.07”

  1. Cpl. First says:


  2. EDNY Clerk says:

    You mean I’m sharing a borough with Althouse? There goes the neighborhood…

  3. Ann Althouse says:

    Yes, I can see it. That is, I think I remember which one it is. It’s nice to have some distance on it.

  4. Fed Soc says:

    The Pope’s comment on tax evasion sounded interesting, so I clicked on the link. Here is what the first commenter had to say:
    “What about taxes that are used by tyrannical governments to kill people? Is this not a grave social injustice? I do not pay taxes for this reason, as I cannot condone the evil actions of the US government. I do so legally, by earning less that the minimum taxable income each year to maintain my exempt status. I would rather do this than earn a substantial living and be forced to fund murder.”
    I apologize to all the moonbats on ATL whom I may have called bad names in the past. By contrast to that leftist idiot, you are probably all reasonable people.

  5. ATL moonbat says:

    see? we aren’t THAT bad. you, oh the other hand, are awful.

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