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Now This Is What We Call A Divorce Train Wreck

War of the Roses Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgSure, the divorce proceedings of Leroy Greer won’t be pretty.

But hopefully it won’t get as ugly as Nancy Tauck v. Peter Tauck. That litigation, which has dragged on for some two years, has earned these dubious distinctions:

— a new national record for the longest divorce trial ever (some 86 days and counting);

— $12 million in legal fees and expenses;

— allegations that the husband molested the kids and downloaded child pornography on his computer; and

— allegations that the wife made up said allegations about her husband, and planted the kiddie porn on his laptop to incriminate him.

Twelve million in legal bills, for a divorce? Maybe our late grandmother was on to something when she urged us to go into matrimonial law.

Tauck Divorce – Day 86 [Hartford Courant]

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