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X-Summers: More on the O’Melveny Mystery Man

X Men small X Summers X Summer Associates Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgWe were rightfully ribbed for having so few details in yesterday’s post about the O’Melveny Mystery Man (hereinafter “Mystery”). Now we have more information about him, gleaned from multiple sources.
One source, who interacted with Mystery at lunches and over coffee, said that he “seemed very quiet.” But maybe he acts differently in a party context (i.e., after he’s had a few drinks). A second source, who spent time with Mystery on the notorious night of the firm retreat, described him as “obnoxious” and “a true frat guy.”
As for the alleged conduct on the evening in question, here’s what we’ve heard:

1. “[O]ne of the summer associates is a lesbian, but I don’t think most of us knew until this weekend since she brought her girlfriend. Everyone was at the hospitality suite on Saturday night, and the summer kissed her girlfriend on the cheek. [Mystery] yells out, “Whoa, what was that?!” and makes a totally un-PC scene, [making] both girls uncomfortable.”

2. “[O]ne of the first year associates had her fiance there, and he was drinking white wine. [Mystery] says: ‘Why are you drinking white wine? Are you a fag?’

3. “[Mystery] kept doing the ‘wink and point’ thing at a 3rd or 4th year female associate, telling her that she would be his drinking buddy for the night. She was creeped out.”

No, that’s not all. More misconduct alleged, after the jump.

Additional allegations, which make Mystery sound like a buffoon straight out of SNL:

4. “[Mystery] told a really cool (not that it would be okay if the guy wasn’t cool) first-year male associate that he was going to punch him in the face (not sure what led up to it). The associate is like, ‘What? Are you threatening me?’ [Mystery responds]: ‘No, man, I’m just kidding with you. I’m not going to punch you in the face. Not yet.”

5. “I later learned also that [Mystery allegedly] grabbed the ass of the female first-year associate from [item #2 supra] that same night.”

This is pretty insane. We have two reactions:

1. What is up with all the ass-grabbing? Why is this the misbehavior of choice for summer 2007?

2. Did O’Melveny Mystery Man fail to read the summer associate etiquette manual?

(The usual rules apply. Please don’t name the OMM Man or speculate about his identity. Thanks.)
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