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Does Taking Black-Letter Courses in Law School Help You Pass the Bar Exam?

BarBri 2 bar bri bar exam review course prep course Above the Law Above the Law ATL.jpgMaybe not. A summary of the findings of a recent study, from Freakonomics:

[R]esults were unequivocal: no relationship existed between law school courseloads and the passage rate of students ranked in the first, second or fourth quarters of their law school class, while only a weak relationship existed for students who ranked in the third quarter. Overall, Rush writes, “students in the upper two quartiles passed the exam at an extremely high rate and those in the fourth quartile failed at a high rate, regardless of which classes they took in law school.”

So taking Secured Transactions really has no redeeming qualities after all.
The Science of Passing the Bar Exam: Does First-Year Torts Really Matter? [Freakonomics]

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