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Methinks that Gibson Doth Protest Too Much

Gibson Dunn Crutcher LLP Above the Law blog.JPGIt appears that Quinn Emanuel isn’t the only law firm with a snazzy new website. The WSJ Law Blog reports:

Okay, we’re not necessarily proud of our law-firm Web site fetish, so forgive us for spilling a few pixels over the spanking-new page the folks at Gibson Dunn put up.

[Ed. note: Racy stuff, esp. for the Wall Street Journal! That sentence — with its references to a “fetish,” “spilling a few pixels” (hehe), and “spanking” — is chock full of double entendres.]

We’re not sure it offers more or better content than the average firm site… but check out that design! We’re big fans, from the newspapery layout to the McSweeney’s-esque literary feel to the overall minimialist aesthetic….

Take, for instance, the six videos on firm diversity. There’s one entitled Out, with gay partners talking about their sexual orientation. And then there’s one called Red & Blue, about the firm’s political diversity, including an interview with former Congressman Mel Levine (Blue) and former Solictor General Ted Olson (Red)…

Unlike those rascals over at Quinn Emanuel, the GDC folks haven’t pulled their videos. And hopefully they will leave them up, even after we poke (gentle) fun of them.
Which we proceed to do, after the jump.

We watched the Out and Red & Blue videos. The not-so-subtle theme of both videos could be summarized as follows:

“Okay, sure, we have some extremely high-profile, very well-connected, and deeply conservative lawyers. E.g., Ted Olson, Miguel Estrada, Douglas Cox, Eugene Scalia — to name a few….”

“But please, don’t think of us as a ‘conservative’ law firm. We have DEMOCRATS here. And GAY PEOPLE, too!”

“Here are two GAY PARTNERS, who have NICE THINGS to say about the firm. We do NOT abuse the gayz. Who do you think we are — Sullivan & Cromwell?”

Two other random observations about that Gay Partners video. First, partner David Rosenauer should exhibit better posture. (Yeah, we’re slouched over in a swivel chair right now, but we’re not being videotaped for the internets.)
Second, when Rosenauer is talking about coming out at Gibson, and claiming that the thought of possible professional repercussions never even crossed his mind, fellow gay partner Jeff Webb is giving him a look of wide-eyed alarm. The video editors might want to do something about that.
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