Kid Nation CBS Above the Law blog.jpg* Call us heartless, but we’re kinda intrigued by — and looking forward to — that Kid Nation reality show. And if a torts professor is impressed by the waiver signed by the parents, who are we to second guess? [TortsProf Blog]
* “You Must Tell Jeff Skilling He’s a Money Laundering Criminal At Least Two Times Before He Will Believe You.” [DealBreaker]
* The U.S. News law school reputation survey: a dog chasing his own tail? [PrawfsBlawg]
* Speaking of chasing tail… you can take the girl out of Hooters, but you can’t take the Hooters out of the girl. Talk about flying the friendly skies. [ABC News]
* We haven’t been doing much on the Larry Craig saga — but it’s a scandal that speaks for itself. What’s left to add? [Blogonaut]

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