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Year-End Bonus Watch: New York

Wachtell Lipton Rosen Katz CBS building Abovethelaw Above the Law Blog.jpgAs you’ve made clear to us, through comments and via email, you’re dying to talk about year-end bonuses. For example:

— If your firm has a bonus policy that’s spelled out in advance, what are the general terms?

— If it’s a bonus based on billable hours, what are the cutoffs?

— If your firm doesn’t have a bonus policy, what are you expecting (or hoping) to receive this year as a bonus?

Here’s an open thread for discussion of bonuses at law firms in New York. We’ll roll out posts for other major legal markets over the next week or two.
We might compile bonus information in a more organized fashion at a later point in time. But for now, this will have to do. Have at it!
Update (1:10 PM): Originally this post was oriented around firms (alphabetically), but we’ve decided it makes more sense to organize by city. As this commenter correctly notes, “bonus policies vary more along market lines than firm lines.”

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