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Co-Non-Top-Tier Law Graduate of the Day

pstrawbridge_web.jpgMontgomery Burns The Simpsons Above the Law.jpgWe have another recipient of this week’s award, a graduate of Tier 3 Creighton:
Name: Patrick Strawbridge
Law School: Creighton University
Current Position: Associate, Preti Flaherty
Why He’s Our Winner: Will clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas in OT 2008.
Our tipster had this to say about Strawbridge:

Your next non-top-tier law grad story should be on Patrick Strawbridge. He graduated from Creighton Univ. School of Law (tier three, though we’re hoping that will change very soon) in 04 and will be clerking for Justice Thomas in 08. He’s also a really, really nice guy. Beautiful wife and two daughters, I believe. The only bad thing anyone has to say about Patrick is that he looks a little like a young Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons. Oh, and he completely blew whatever curve there might have been in all the classes he took.

We include a picture of Burns not so much to agree with our tipster’s assessment, but rather so that you can contrast and compare and draw your own conclusions. At any rate, congratulations to Strawbridge for breaking the Tier 3 mold and helping build Creighton’s rep.
Incidentally, ATL broke the news of Strawbridge’s hire by Thomas over a year ago here.
Patrick Strawbridge bio [Preti Flaherty]
Preti Flaherty Attorney Accepts Clerkship with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas [Preti Flaherty]
Justice Thomas hires Patrick Strawbridge [Non-Sequiturs: 09.08.06]

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