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Lawsuit of the Day: Cordero v. Epstein

Our colleagues over at DealBreaker have been extensively covering one heck of a lawsuit. It’s our Lawsuit of the Day, but it really ought to be our Lawsuit of the Week — it’s that good.

The defendant is wealthy New York financier Jeffrey Epstein, who already stands accused, in Florida state court, of sex crimes involving underage girls. This latest case is a civil action filed in New York. Here’s a teaser:

[W]e’re knee-deep into the latest sex suit against Jeffrey Epstein, brought by a girl who, at the time, was whatever the opposite of over eighteen is. This one’s from Maximilia Cordero [at right], an aspiring model, who claims that in 2000, Epstein lured her to his Upper East Side apartment on the promise that “he and his wealthy friends would help…with her modeling career.”….

Epstein, in order to quell the girl’s fears as to what people would think of her blowing a man old enough to be her father, swore that he “wouldn’t tell anyone.” Bet he’s wishing he’d gotten her to do the same! Ah, well, hindsight.

Then he came in her mouth and requested that she return with her “14, 15, and 16 year old girlfriends next time.”

More — ’cause you know you want it — after the jump.

But the lawsuit has some…. issues. Also from DealBreaker:

[At right:] Maximilia Cordero, 23 and her lawyer William Unroch, 57, who also happens to be her boyfriend, with whom she’s been trying to get over the millionaire massage enthusiast and also fuck him over for money. The power couple is alleging that beginning in 2000, Jeffrey Epstein forced Cordero to perform “unnatural sex acts” on him at his Upper East Side apartment, by promising to help her with her modeling career, and maybe even get her into the Victoria Secret catalogue. (By what must be a matter of sheer coincidence, that also appears to be how the Cordero/Unroch relationship began, as Unroch also runs a model and talent agency, on the side of his law practice.)

Unroch wouldn’t say why is client/girlfriend waited until 7 years after the fact to take action, nor why she had never pressed criminal charges, but only that the suit—which is seeking unspecified money damages—is “about righting a wrong.” Though Epstein’s lawyer, Gerald Lefcourt said that the statute of limitations on the allegations had expired and predicted the lawsuit would be thrown out of court, Unroch, who has as least one prior case of this nature under his belt (last year he sued a neighbor for accusing him of having a relationship with a minor, that minor being Cordero), seems to be doing a bang-up job, so far.

In addition to telling Cordero to say in court documents that she “just want[ed] to be a model,” Unroch made sure to cover the “whore out for money” bases by noting that his client suffered from mental illness at the time(s) of the fellatio. That proved to be good thinking—yesterday, Lecourt said Cordero “admitted in her papers that she’s insane, but she can read the word ‘rich’ in the newspapers.”

Read the full coverage — these are just excerpts, and we’ve omitted a lot, including excerpts from William Unroch’s bizarre blog — here and here.

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