Non-Sequiturs: 10.05.07

* Where’s tort reform when you need it? [KMBC-TV]
* Duke players sue. [New York Times]
* Record companies 1, Illegal downloaders 0 (and by 1 we mean $220,000) [Jurist]
* Saudis embrace the idea of judicial activism the rule of law. [BBC]
* Hey PETA: Leave Michael Vick alone! [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
* Prosecutors don’t take getting caught as a predator well; first there was the guy that Dateline made kill himself in Texas, and now this guy. [ClickOn Detroit]
Update: We posted Non-Sequiturs kinda early, and these links subsequently came to our attention:
* TexasBarTube. [Legal Blog Watch]
* They like us! They really like us! [Blawg Review]
Ok, we’re off to drink beer and watch baseball, which means we’re done for the weekend (thank God, right?). You guys get Lat back next week.

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