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What’s My Mutha F****n’ Name?

Calvin Broadus, a/k/a Snoop Dogg.
Because the caption of the case lacked that all-important a/k/a, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Helen I. Bendix didn’t realize with whom she was dealing:

A judge hearing a lawsuit brought by Snoop Dogg against his former record label said Thursday she didn’t realize it involved the famous rapper because court papers refer to him by his real name, Calvin Broadus.

But once she peeped out the manuscript, she saw that it was a must that Broadus drop some gangsta s**t.
Snoop has his mind on the $2 million he says his label Priority Records owes him under a 1998 agreement, and he has the $950,000 advance promised after recording “The Last Meal” on his mind. He also claims the label didn’t consult with him before releasing his greatest hits CD (cover pictured at right).
Now that she knows who Broadus is, Bendix finds the case “very interesting” (the ladies can’t resist Snoop).
Judge to Snoop Dogg: Who Is Calvin Broadus? [CNN]

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