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Associate Bonus Watch: Allen & Overy Matches

associate bonus watch 2007 law firm Above the Law blog.jpgGuess it’s “Magic Circle” night here at Associate Bonus Watch. Fresh on the heels of Freshfields, we’ve confirmed the Allen & Overy bonus announcement.
Check out the memo, announcing year-end and special bonuses at market rates, after the jump.

From: Shrank, Ian:BK (NY)
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 6:03 PM
To: Associate_New York; New York_Senior Counsel
Cc: Partner_New York; Cosentino, Nicholas:FN (NY); Brincat, Anthony:HR
(NY); Judge, Celene:HR (NY); Meinen, Patricia: (NY); Fuchs, Elizabeth:KT (NY); Lancia, Nicole:KT (NY)
Subject: Bonuses
We are pleased to announce that, in recognition of the hard work and dedication you have all provided this year, we will be paying bonuses as set out below in respect of 2007. Lawyers more senior than the class of 2000 will be contacted separately in the next few days regarding the amount of their bonus. The special bonus should be in your pay of December 15, and the regular year-end bonus in mid-January. If you have been here for part of the year, the amounts will be pro rated. To be eligible for either bonus, as in the past, you must be in good standing on the day the bonus is to be paid.
Thanks so much for the immense contribution you have made to our success in NY and around the world.
Ian Shrank
Allen & Overy LLP
Class of 2007: Year-end 35K, no special bonus
Class of 2006: Year end 35K, special 10K
Class of 2005: Year end 40K, special 15K
Class of 2004: Year end 45K, special 20K
Class of 2003: Year end 50K, special 30K
Class of 2002: Year end 55K, special 40K
Class of 2001: Year end 60K, special 50K
Class of 2000: Year end 65K, special 50K

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