Associate Bonus Watch 2007

Associate Bonus Watch: Midday Open Thread

associate bonus watch 2007 law firm Above the Law blog.jpgAs we mentioned earlier, we’re paying a visit today to Columbia Law School. We’re giving a talk and then going to lunch. So we’ll be out of pocket for a while; some content may be posted in our absence, but it won’t be bonus-related.
Here’s an open thread for talk about bonuses. We’re getting close to Thanksgiving, and the week is beginning to slow down, so we’re expecting some movement soon. Law firms like to make these announcements when they think no one’s paying attention (which is why Friday afternoon is such a prime time for such news).
If you have bonus news or a memo to share, please contact us. We’ll follow up when we return. Thanks.
P.S. Yes, we’ve seen the rumors in the comments of a WilmerHale – New York announcement (supposedly oral, no memo). But we’re not putting it on the main page until some identifiable sources at WH contact us with details and confirmation. If the firm wants the world to think that it still belongs on the List of Shame, that’s perfectly fine by us.
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