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Associate Bonus Watch: WilmerHale (New York)

associate bonus watch 2007 law firm Above the Law blog.jpgSorry, we don’t have any memo (and we don’t know if there will ever be one). But we can confirm for you that the New York office of WilmerHale announced bonuses yesterday.
We’ve been informed that the bonuses are at market levels (year-end and special). The announcement was made yesterday at a live meeting.
One tipster tells us that making the announcement at a meeting, rather than via memo, is firm tradition. But taking the meeting route does lend itself to this speculation:

I can only imagine WilmerHale didn’t distribute memos because they don’t want to create enmity in their DC/Boston offices.

The D.C. and Boston associates are going to find out anyway. So why not bite the bullet, and make a firm-wide announcement (a la Sidley)?
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