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Does Sen. Larry Craig Have a Sister?

Who lives in Arkansas? And designs MySpace pages? And likes to post on, appropriately enough, Craigslist?

Winnable high profile ENTRAPPMENT [sic] case Lawyer needed

Need a good lawyer who is willing to get paid a little slower but also can have a logo done by me and a web page or High Definition commercial done as well. Very winnable case and high profile. Please help my brother who was entrapped. You can check out my art on my myspace page. My myspace page can be found at

Update / Warning: You really should know this by now, if you’ve ever visited a MySpace page, but mute your speakers before checking it out. Like 95 percent of MySpace pages, this one also features loud and irritating music.

Our tipster quips: “At least there’s still good work in Arkansas without Wal-Mart.”
Maybe the kindhearted sister should reach out to this fellow Craigslist poster. He’s not admitted to the Arkansas bar; but he could probably do some legal research, since it sounds like he has some time on his hands. Who says graduates of top-tier law schools don’t also suffer employment woes?
Winnable high profile ENTRAPPMENT case Lawyer needed [craigslist]
Seeking Law Clerk Position [craigslist]

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