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Just How Far Did S&C ‘Bend Over’ for Aaron Charney?

Aaron Charney headshot Aaron B Charney Aaron Brett Charney.JPGThe settlement of the litigation between Aaron Charney and Sullivan & Cromwell is not even two weeks old, but we miss the case already. So that’s why we decided to write about the case for our column in this week’s New York Observer:

So exactly how much did it cost Sullivan & Cromwell to make Aaron Charney go away? That’s the parlor game New York lawyers have been playing since late last month, when a settlement was reached between the white-shoe law firm and its former associate, who had sued S&C for sexual-orientation discrimination. Most memorably, Charney said that a partner dropped a document on the floor and told him to “bend over and pick it up—I’m sure you like that.”

Although it was a P.R. nightmare for S&C—where’s Michael Clayton when you need him?—Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell offered countless hours of entertainment and schadenfreude for the Big Law chattering class. The lawsuit was first filed in January, so it took nine months to deliver this baby.

From S&C’s perspective, Rosemary’s. You can read the rest of the column over here. (For the irony-impaired among you, please note that our “calculations,” with their mock precision, are not to be taken seriously.)
One more observation about the case, after the jump.

Congratulations to the plurality of readers who accurately guessed how long it would take for this litigation to be resolved. Back in April, we opened this reader poll. Check out the results:
aaron charney sullivan cromwell duration poll.jpg
The most popular choice among ATL readers, six months, was also the most accurate one. The case was settled about six and a half months after the poll was opened. Readers of this site are an astute bunch!
A Big Pay Day for Big Law Gay? [New York Observer]
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